Lime Kiln Pte. Rd., Bois Blanc Island, MI
Rob & Kirsten Johnston
11344 Northland Dr., Big Rapids, MI 49307
cell (231) 796-2727


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Bridge View Beach House is a SMOKE FREE environment.
A violation of this stipulation will forfeit the cleaning/damage deposit, and may result in additional charges over and above the cleaning/damage deposit.

It is hereby agreed that Rob and/or Kirsten Johnston hereafter called LANDLORD, does hereby let and lease to (ALL PARTIES LISTED ON LAST PAGE), hereafter called TENANT, the following premises: "The house known as the BRIDGE VIEW BEACH HOUSE located at Lime Kiln Pte. Rd., Bois Blanc Island, MI" for a term beginning 4:00 PM________________ 201___ and ending 11:00 AM ____________________ 201____. Said premises to be used for private residential purposes only, and to be occupied by NOT MORE THAN NINE ( 9 ) PEOPLE.

Please indicate number of people ________


  1. Pay to the LANDLORD as rent ( $__________ ) per RENTAL TERM. 50% ( $__________ ) must be paid in advance to secure reservation request. Checks will be made payable to: Robert and/or Kirsten Johnston. Remaining 50% and cleaning/damage deposit due twenty days before check-in.
  2. Pay to the LANDLORD a refundable cleaning/damage deposit of $250.00 in the form of a separate check and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for it's return.
  3. Only nine ( 9 ) PEOPLE will reside in the premises, TENANT understands that should more than nine ( 9 ) PEOPLE occupy the premises, the LANDLORD will charge an additional $ 50.00 for each person per day.
  4. The premises will not be sublet nor assigned without the written consent of the LANDLORD.
  5. NO DOGS, CATS or OTHER PETS will be kept inside the house without the written consent of the LANDLORD. A $50.00 fine will be paid per pet, per day, should this clause be violated.
  6. Upon arrival the premises are to be examined by the TENANT and when received in good condition and TENANT further agrees to maintain the premises in the same condition as when received and will not allow any waste, misuse or neglect. Should waste, misuse or neglect occur on the leased premises, the responsibility therefore shall be that of the TENANT unless damage occurs through the fault of the LANDLORD. Fault shall be determined by the LANDLORD.  If premises are not received in good condition, TENANT must immediately notify LANDLORD.
  7. LANDLORD or his agents shall have the right with proper notice, to enter premises at reasonable times to examine or repair the same, or to show to prospective renters/purchasers.
  8. Alterations shall not be made to the premises, nor locks be installed anywhere.
  9. That when the premises are vacated or abandoned and personal property is left in or near the premises, then such property shall be deemed abandoned by TENANT.
  10. That the premises will be kept in a clean and healthy manner and no junk or garbage will accumulate in or near the premises.
  11. That no laws, statutes or ordinances of a jurisdictional governmental unit will be violated on the premises.
  12. That no motorized vehicles of ANY type will be placed inside the leased building at any time.
  13. That regarding "INSUFFICIENT FUNDS OR CLOSED ACCOUNT CHECKS", any checks that TENANT delivers to LANDLORD will not be returned to LANDLORD for ANY reason. TENANT agrees that any violation of this section subjects the maker of such check to a $100.00 FEE FOR EACH CHECK RETURNED.
  14. That the premises will not be used in such manner as to generate noise (including LOUD MUSIC) which will disturb other neighbors, nor will neighbors be harassed or bothered in any manner.
  15. That should any repairs be necessary, the LANDLORD will be notified as soon as possible.
  16. That should LANDLORD incur any expense in enforcing the terms of this Lease, TENANT shall reimburse LANDLORD 100% for such expenses.


  1. That upon payment of the rents due by TENANT and TENANTíS performance of his obligations under this Lease, TENANT shall have use of the premises during the term of the Lease.
  2. In the event of a happening which makes the above described premises untenable, the LANDLORD shall have the option to declare this Lease void; or LANDLORD may repair the premises and the obligation of the Lease shall continue to be binding upon the TENANT from the date of completion or rehabilitation.
  3. Parking shall be behind the house only (not on the lake side). Vehicles are not to be driven on the beach.


  1. TENANT shall be responsible for Neatness of the surrounding area of the leased premises.
  2. LANDLORD shall be responsible for providing one set of pillows, blankets and/or comforters, bed linens, bath towels & wash cloths per registered guest.
  3. LANDLORD shall be responsible for snow removal in the drive and parking area only.
  4. TENANT shall be responsible for Cleaning prior to departure. (See Posted List in house.)
  6. It is understood by all parties hereto that additional pages of rules, regulations, and provisions attached hereto, read and signed by all parties shall be a part of this agreement.
  7. It is understood and agreed that both parties have read, understood, and agreed to all of the foregoing and that they agree that any infraction of the above provisions shall constitute a breach of this agreement and provide grounds for immediate eviction and forfeiture of all moneys paid, including deposit.
  8. Furnishings, appliances, accessories, and any other items provided with the "BRIDGE VIEW BEACH HOUSE" are not to be removed from the premises or loaned at any time.
  9. Other agreements are as follows:


TENANT agrees to pay the LANDLORD $250.00 cleaning/damage deposit to be used by LANDLORD should additional cleaning or repairs beyond that performed by the TENANT be required. All garbage must be removed from the property. The transfer station is close to the dock and has convenient summer hours. Bagged garbage left by tenants will result in a $50 deduction from your cleaning/damage deposit. Unbagged garbage will result in the total loss of your cleaning/damage deposit. The TENANT agrees to be totally responsible for all damages caused by their guest and or the TENANT.  Further the TENANT agrees to reimburse LANDLORD with full payment within 10 days of departure for all repair and or replacement required to bring the property back to the condition it was in at the lease starting date. THIS AMOUNT WILL BE ESTABLISHED PRIOR TO DEPARTURE, unless deemed otherwise by LANDLORD and/or PROPERTY MANAGER.  This requirement is at the sole discretion of the LANDLORD and/or PROPERTY MANAGER.


NOTICE: Michigan Law Establishes Rights and Obligations for Parties to Rental Agreements. This Agreement is required to comply with the Truth In Renting Act. If you have a question about the legality of any provision of this Agreement, you may want to seek assistance from a lawyer or other qualified person.

This Agreement and Lease made this _______ day of ____________ 201____


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Robert and/or Kirsten Johnston


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